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Run 5 turnkey websites

Generate income from products and adverts

You can earn an income from your 5 free sites. Payments are sent via Paypal® or Alertpay™ from our cash out system when your balance reaches $100.

Zero Cost Trial

0mlm is free to trial, try it now. It's easy to use.

Zero Risk

You should sign up as you have nothing to loose. It's zero risk.

Zero Selling Skills

We have designed the free sites to sell. You don't need to be an internet sales expert

Zero Web Skills

Our manager system makes it easy to run your free sites. Never enter any HTML

Resources & marketing

Traffic is critical to your 0mlm business. We have partnered with a number of sites that can help you get started.

How does 0mlm work?

We give you 5 websites with free domains & free hosting in different business sectors to test for 7 days: Dating, Magic plus 3 of your own choice. You earn from digital product sales, affiliate systems and advertising and upgrades.

Why 0mlm?

2 years ago I joined one of the 'world leading' paid MLM systems. I used all my internet marketing and programming skills and I made $17 profit per month! It was a total waste of my time and effort. However I did learn from the process.

Where it failed in my opinion is the downline growth didn't expand rapidly. I could get as many people as I liked under me at level #1 but these new people could not repeat my success and the people under them were even worse.

0mlm fixes all the mistakes with paid mlm, for all the details view the theory.

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